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We invite all staffing agencies from Europe and especially from the Balkans, to collaborate with us as a partner in providing international internship opportunities
for students. Work Net People has a wide network of students from many countries and its own offices in many of them, such as Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, etc. We also have an extensive database of hotels looking for talented interns from the Balkan Peninsula. Our commitment to providing quality experiences for both students and employers has earned us a strong reputation in the industry. By partnering with us, your agency will have access to our network of hotels and support us in matching students with the best internship opportunities. This collaboration will not only help your agency provide valuable experiences for students, but also expand your reach and build your brand in the process. We would love the opportunity to discuss this partnership further and explore how we can work together to benefit both of our organizations. If you are willing to work hand-in-hand with a top recruiting company like us, you are more than welcome to apply. Contact us through the platform to familiarize yourself with your opportunities, and the terms and conditions for the cooperation.
We look forward to a productive partnership

Information for agencies

Work Net People extends to many countries and has its own offices in many of them, such as Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, etc. If you are a recruitment company that belongs to these countries or from another country, contact us through the platform to familiarize yourself with your opportunities, the terms and conditions for cooperation. Our cooperation is based on good faith, respect, gratitude, sustainability and success
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